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The goal of our ATLAS Scale Plan is to take your organisation and its sales unit to the next level. More than the execution of outbound campaigns, you have the full expertise of the ATLAS team at your disposal. We are setting you up for maximum potential regarding your sales operations, structure and hiring. If you have ambitious goals and your company is ready to scale, this plan is for you.

High-Growth Companies aiming for the Next Level*
*This is a highly selective program requiring a scalable business model.
  • Full ATLAS Expert & Growth Team
  • Creative Storytelling Workshop Series
  • Hands-on Practical Implementation
  • Support in Growing your Sales Operations
  • Building Scalable Sales Processes
  • Supercharging your Sales Hiring Funnel
  • Data Analytics & Qualitative Research
  • Bespoke Sourcing of a Prospect List
  • Buying Intent Data + Indicators
  • Hands-On Execution
  • Multi-Channel Email Outreach Strategy
  • A/B Sequence Testing
  • Weekly Video Status Updates
  • Documentation of Market Feedback
  • Knowledge Sharing of Insights Gained
  • Sustainable Pipeline Growth & Dealflow
  • Educational Training Session
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Creative Storytelling & Customised Videos
  • Access to our Online Platform
  • Access to our Proprietary Sales Platform
  • Transparent Performance Reporting
  • Engagement KPIs & Statistics
  • Generating & Qualifying Leads
  • Booking of Sales Meetings
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The ATLAS Approach How we will work with you

All our plans include an extensive onboarding process and access to our learning academy

Our awesome features
Initial Collaboration Kick-Off

-Outline of the campaign idea, scope of work and KPIs -Introductory meeting with the ATLAS team to start the onboarding process -Technology setup and questionnaire to prepare for our training workshop

Our awesome features
Onboarding & Workshop

-Educational startup workshop & training session with your team -Resource sharing and granting access to our online platform -Defining the target market, buyer persona and other qualification criteria -Prospect list screening, import of the data into our proprietary software, verifying and updating (GDPR compliant)

Our awesome features
Discussion Guide & Your Story

-Creation of the messaging & storyline outline for your value proposition -Done-for-you video scriptwriting and creative copywriting -Setup of a multi-step outreach strategy including dynamic images and personalised videos as well as a custom landing page -Finalisation of the campaign and respective adaptation of the message and storyline before activation

Our awesome features
Outreach & KPI Measurement

-Dedicated Account Manager as your first point of contact -Weekly status update videos & progress reports with informative walkthroughs of the KPI hits and misses as well as suggestions -Qualifying prospects and generating leads based on pre-determined criteria -Sharing of insights from discussions and monitoring of the feedback loop -Appointment Setting with qualified leads and handing them over to your sales team so that they can focus on what they can do best

Our awesome features
Iteration & Creating a Flywheel

-Data-driven approach on increasing exposure to what works & reducing exposure to what does not -Sharing action steps for addressing insights as well as feedback from your prospects -Dashboard report with performance indicators, engagement and activity of prospects Winning and Growing Together!

"Just imagine the best Sales Professionals crafting your company's story and using the most sophisticated technology to build up your sales pipeline."

Mareike Popp, Founder ATLAS ANALYTICS

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