We invest in Early Stage Founders

ATLAS Ventures uses tech-enabled growth solutions and low-code to launch and support startups. Most founders lack focus as they have to do it all at once when building their company - bootstrapped or with funding - time and capital are not efficiently allocated.

We give founders their focus back by providing hands-on operational support for MVP launch, market validation and scaling solutions!

Speed up your startup journey

We know that with the right operational support and early product-market fit validation, the chances of building a successful startup increase significantly. We work closely with you hands-on from the start.

We leverage our sales and software team to give you the support you need and enable you to reach your full potential - be it as a non-technical founder or technical founder.

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What we look for

From experienced business operators to technologists and serial entrepreneurs, we work with skilled founders regardless of background or geography.

You are a self-starter, have high goals and ambition. You are full of energy, passionate about your idea and market.

You are looking for speed but thinking long term and being persistent whenever challenges arise.

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We are in it for the long haul

We are your support partner for the long-term.

We build strong relationships with our founders.

We build, grow and scale together.

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The ATLAS experience

We invest in the solid companies of tomorrow and help exceptional people build startups from the earliest stages. When you join ATLAS, you join not only a methodology and hands-on help, you receive access to a wide variety of global experts and resources - giving you a comprehensive support system to reduce failure and turn the odds for success in your favour.

MVP Launch

Non-technical founder? No worries. We are here to help you translate your idea into software - scalable straight from the start.

Sales Solutions

We know how sales works - especially in B2B - from lead generation to the close.

Scale Support

Found some product-market fit already? Great - time to get traction, process and scale in place.

Global Talent

Talent is equally distributed - Opportunity is not! Take advantage of global talent and provide people with opportunities creating win-win situations for everyone involved.

Remote Ready

It is our belief that the next decade will be the "Decade of Remote". Take advantage of this wave by learning about new methodologies how to build companies and adapt an async mindset.


Reflect, clarify, commit - repeat. Make the best out of your time, focus on the important and get more productive. We hold each other accountable on a weekly basis.

Insights and Tools

Access playbooks and tools from people who have already done it. No fluff!

Media Leverage

Share your journey - make people root for you. Create a story why you do what you do - we help to make it operational.

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Hands-on Support. Global Opportunities. Accelerated Growth.

ATLAS Ventures is a global accelerator led by Mary Popp that deploys tech-enabled growth strategies and MVPs for B2B startups in exchange for 5-10% of equity.

"My belief is that for most founders just throwing money or external advice at their startup is not good enough. Modern startups need operational support to validate their ideas quickly. This usually involves building the MVP, Sales or both. The founder needs leverage and speed - we want to provide exactly this!"

Mareike (Mary) Popp

Co-Founder and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support can I expect from ATLAS?

The ATLAS Ventures partnership can involve a wide-ranging support system depending on the stage, strengths and weaknesses of your startup. Usually, there are three phases. Phase 1 is dedicated to setting expectations and assess the needs of the startup. We then determine where we want to go and what needs to be achieved agreeing on a specific timeline and roadmap.

Phase 2 follows the previous roadmap and puts the our hands-on support into action with either a focus on sales or tech support. This largely depends on the capabilities of the founder/founding team and can range from making a MVP come to live, tapping into a global talent pool or developing a scalable and systematic sales process. Additionally and if needed, we do support with best practices that we gathered from our own experiences as well as our partners over the years.

What is the typical background you are looking for?

We welcome the most exceptional people from diverse professional and geographical backgrounds. We bring together experienced operators, technologists and serial entrepreneurs to build their next companies. We do prefer location-independent founders as we strongly belief that building startups in a remote fashion is by far the most best way how startups can leverage software, automations, process and people.

Moreover, many of our founders have a non-technical background but possess expertise in a particular domain / industry so that they often can best judge where the particular opportunity and problem to work on lies.

Other than that, we highly value people with a winning mindset i.e. people that showed persistence and determination in the face of uncertainty.

Do founders receive funding?

The whole point of building ATLAS Ventures is to support founders in other ways than funding as we believe that funded founders often still lack the ability of efficient capital allocation (especially first-time founders) and that funding is often not the crucial variable that determines success. Rather, it is being resourceful, fast and starting with a clear focus in mind..

However, funding can be a powerful accelerator and we are happy to make the necessary introductions if we see fit.

Do I have to team up with co-founder(s)?

Not necessarily, we do encourage founding teams rather than single founders as it is often easier to share battle stories and the inevitable mental burdens along the journey. However, we also believe in the million-dollar, one-person business of which we have seen quite a few. A lot of it depends on the business model and market.

Does ATLAS provide business ideas?

There are so many good business ideas out there and starting with a decent idea is important. We can provide assistance by providing ideation support on a case by case basis. Regardless of the idea, the most important variables are the execution, the secular trend (wave) and product-founder fit.

Which industry or sector does ATLAS focus on?

We are vertical agnostic and look to invest in fast-growing companies with a strong regional or global potential. We welcome a wide range of companies across industries. Most companies have a tech component or build on a traditional model that would be aided by a tech component. Even though we are industry agnostic - we do prefer B2B for our hands-on sales support.

Why does ATLAS take equity in the startups?

We invest a lot of time, resources and effort into your company, and for that investment we receive a 5-10% equity ownership. Thus, founder always retain the majority of their company.