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We are experts at getting to the right people and generating qualified sales opportunities for your team. Gone are the days of unqualified sales calls and wasted time. Your Sales Team should Be Selling! Our approach is measurable, fully customised to your business and driven by a transparent process to turn the odds in your favour.

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"Just imagine the best Sales Professionals crafting your company's story and using the most sophisticated technology to build up your sales pipeline."

- Mareike Popp, Founder ATLAS ANALYTICS

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Expert Support Help When Your Business & Sales Needs It The Most.

Creativity, Process and Our Proprietary Platform

Transparency & Open Communication

We are transparent across all areas of working with you and our reports include full transcripts, communication and feedback from the conversations with your prospects.

Our awesome features
Creative Storytelling for People

Business is people and people learn via stories. The ATLAS approach is all about creating a story around your company's value proposition leveraged by technology and video. Through iteration and direct market feedback backed by numbers, we continuously iterate depending on the use case, industry and context.

Our awesome features
Data & Analytics-Driven

Number do not lie. We leverage the power of analytics and cutting-edge technology for all our processes, thereby guaranteeing you to consistently turning the odds in your favour. It is a game of probabilities.

Our awesome features
Experienced Growth Marketing & Sales Consultant Team

Our team consists of practitioners who have worked for many years in the tech industry as well as high-touch B2B services. We put these learnings into a proven methodology making years of experience tangible and practical.

Our awesome features
Multi-Channel Proprietary Technology & Data

Not all data or technology is equal. We have been running hundreds of campaigns and analysed data to learn from them. In tandem with the latest web scraping and machine learning techniques our clients take advantage from data insights which usually take years to discover and benefit from.

Our awesome features

Plans that Work for You

Grow your Revenue and Win New Clients 10x faster

Sales for the Digital Age

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