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Sales Pipeline as a Service for ambitious B2B Companies.

Grow your client bases, boost sales and enter new markets by harnessing the power of outbound done right.

We deliver you introductions and meetings with top decision-makers - your Sales team closes the deal!

The Sales Operating System (OS) has been developed to generate business opportunities, educate sales teams how to do outbound right and save time.
Ramp-up Engagement &
Accelerate Conversions!

Stand out in your prospect’s inbox and leverage the power of video. Connect with prospects on a personal level, build rapport & boost response rates by adding video, dynamic images or GIFs to your emails, campaigns and sequences. Measure your performance and track prospects' activity in real-time inside our ATLAS platform. Pursue the right leads and close more deals.


Easily find the company and prospect data you need to create your preferred target account list.

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Reach out to and engage with your prospects in a more personalised way.

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Our proprietary system does all the heavy lifting while you focus on what you do best.

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Get insights and expert advise from our Growth Consultant team.

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A single platform to source your target accounts and fulfil custom data request

ATLAS ANALYTICS is the only partner you need to find high quality B2B contacts. With over 19 million records, the ATLAS database will help you find people and companies in your industry quickly and easily. We have built a network of partners to provide the highest quality data, including verified emails, social profiles and phone numbers.

Double your response rates with video and hyper personalised outreach

Sending generic mass emails and following a "spray & pray" methodology no longer works. ATLAS ANALYTICS' personalised approach with its smart and dynamic templates combined with the power of video will help you craft hyper personalised messages that get delivered and replied to while increasing your domain health reputation and email deliverability score.



Transform your business with ATLAS ANALYTICS. We help companies reach their revenue goals in today’s information-overloaded and digital world. All with a data-driven approach, built-in personalisation and support system that is here to serve you!

Smart reporting & Insights with AI

Whether it’s uncovering insights from sales data, prospect behaviour and email replies as well as interaction outcomes - our proprietary system utilises AI & ML to eliminate 75% of the time-consuming tasks so that you can spend more time talking to the right people and focus on what you do best: closing deals.

Accelerate your Growth with our Dedicated Consultants

Technology and tools can keep the process on track, but even the most sophisticated platform and dashboard numbers need to be interpreted so that smart actions can be taken. The problem is most people don’t have the skills or confidence to do that, hence, this is where our Growth Consultant can help.

Find the perfect plan for your business

Simple. Fair. Transparent. We've got the right plan for you.



ATLAS Essentials

For ambitious teams that want to leverage our Sales Intelligence & Analytics Platform
Scope of Work & Features
  • Sales Intelligence & Analytics Platform
  • Onboarding & Kick-off Call
  • Support by our Customer Success Team
  • ATLAS Knowledge Base & Academy
  • Sales Templates Playbook
  • CRM Sync (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce)
  • Company & prospect list building
    (300 credits per month)
  • EU GDPR-compliant data sourcing
  • Daily morning briefings
  • Weekly summary reports (engagement KPIs & statistics)
  • Email warmup & domain health increase
  • Deliverability Optimisation Network
  • Leverage the power of personalised videos and dynamic images
  • Email integration & setup of a multi-step outreach sequence
    Competitive Intelligence Signals
    Complex data sourcing, including buying intent level data, web scraping capabilities


The perfect plan for sales, revenue and growth teams who have more sophisticated data needs.
Scope of Work & Features
  • Sales Intelligence & Analytics Platform
  • Onboarding & Kick-off Call
  • Support by our Customer Success Team
  • ATLAS Knowledge Base & Academy
  • Sales Templates Playbook
  • CRM Sync (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce)
  • Extended data sourcing and target list building (500 credits per month)
  • EU GDPR-compliant data sourcing
  • Daily morning briefings
  • Weekly summary reports (engagement KPIs & statistics)
  • Email warmup & domain health increase
  • Deliverability Optimisation Network
  • Leverage the power of personalised videos and dynamic images
  • Email integration & setup of a multi-step outreach sequence
  • Competitive Intelligence Signals
  • Complex data sourcing, including buying intent level data, web scraping capabilities

Growth Consultant

The ideal solution for teams that prefer to get hands-on advice and guidance suited to their needs.
Scope of Work & Features
  • Onboarding session (1 hour deep dive)
  • Campaign assessment & performance analysis (weekly video updates, 4x month)
  • Customised recommendations and continuous improvement for better results
  • Access our full content library & video trainings
    Monthly call & strategy session to increase the sales pipeline
    Monthly ICP - lead generation review and optimisation
    Sequence copy review and training sessions
    Brainstorming and ideation for new campaigns
    Regular support and check ins via email and with asynchronous video messages

Curious to see how the ATLAS Sales Intelligence & Analytics Platform could work for you and your team to supercharge your success?
Lets us find the best solution for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATLAS ANALYTICS used for?

ATLAS ANALYTICS’ platform is used by salespeople, marketers, and management teams to optimize their lead generation efforts by providing them access to a vast business contact database and numerous sales intelligence and prospecting tools. The ATLAS Sales Intelligence & Analytics platform equips sales professionals with tools to help with territory planning, data sourcing, prospecting, targeted outreach, and more. From a marketing perspective, ATLAS can help companies understand their ideal customers and target companies who fit their criteria. Sales Reps can benefit by using the platform’s hyper-specific search query filters to find the right decision-maker and record a personalised video message to engage with their target audience and a more engaging way.

Getting Started: How does the onboarding process work?

After the payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a welcome email as well as the login details to access our platform and your account. Once you are logged in, you will be asked to complete your company profile, add respective information about your business and offering. Afterwards, we recommend going to the ATLAS Academy and completing the training courses to learn about email marketing best practices, outreach strategies, different use cases and recommendations to get started with your first campaign. Also, to give you a detailed walkthrough, guidance on how to navigate the platform and how to integrate your email account, we would like to schedule a quick Clarity & Kick-off call. Afterwards, we can create a campaign for you, submit your data briefing and write a compelling copy with dynamic images or a personalised video message.

How do I record videos and set up my first campaign?

A great way of engaging with your target audience and getting the attention of our ideal customer persona is by reaching out to them in a more personalised way. We recommend adding a dynamic image with custom variables such as the prospect’s first name and/or last name, company name, company logo or other elements. Get started by submitting your data briefing and the search criteria for your first campaign. Then, we proceed to the email copy and multi-step outreach sequence. For more engagement, why not record a video and link a dedicated landing page with a short message for your target audience? You can either record a video on your own and upload the mp4 file or directly record it on our platform when setting up the campaign. The process is quite intuitive and you have a chance to revise your video and record a new one if you are unhappy. If you have entered content, completed all steps in the outreach sequence, go ahead and submit your briefing. 

What are the credits and how to spend / buy more of them?

With every ATLAS plan, you receive a certain amount of credits and prospects we can source for you on a monthly basis. Credit is a payment unit that you spend on sourcing contact details (company name, prospect first name, last name, gender, salutation, title, email address, phone number, personal LinkedIn profile, company LinkedIn profile, website, address). We charge 1 credit for 1 set of contact details. Once you submit your data briefing with the prospect criteria, our expert data team gets to work and searches the verified information for you. The Remaining (unused) credits can be accumulated for the next month. As your business grows, so does your need for lead generation. If you want to be more active and upgrade the number of credits, you can buy additional credits (either 50, 100 or 500) at any time.

EU GDPR - Can I send cold emails?

Unsolicited emails can be sent to corporate subscribers if they are relevant to their work. A 'marketing' email is not defined by the law either but must include any email promoting your goods and services. You can always protect yourself. Here are a few tips:
- Ensure your prospecting is "Targeted" and "Appropriate"
- Explain legitimate interest in your email copy
- Make it quick and easy to unsubscribe
- Regularly cleanse and maintain your database
- Prepare an informative reply to GDPR complaints and questions
GDPR protects individuals, not businesses! FYI, the ePrivacy Regulation specifically leaves it up to the individual countries within the EU to decide whether ‘unsolicited commercial communications’ should be forbidden. So, all should be fine.

Can I try ATLAS for free before committing to it?

No, we do not offer a free trial because ATLAS ANALYTICS’s platform and training program isn’t some cheap online course or DIY tool. Every member follows a dedicated onboarding session and has access to our knowledge base, best practices & effective sales templates as well as a comprehensive database and company lists that you can use for your outreach campaigns. Moreover, each subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis so that you can test our platform, submit data briefings and set up your first campaign. We’re confident that you’ll find ATLAS ANALYTICS so game-changingly effective, that you’ll never look back. Our team is happy to schedule a demo call and walk you through all functionalities.

Is there a contract?

No, ATLAS ANALYTICS is a month-to-month subscription (quarter-to-quarter if you choose to pay via bank transfer). There is a one-time setup fee for the onboarding but no further cancellation fees or long-term contracts. You can quit at any time. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How does the ATLAS pricing work?

ATLAS’ packages can be booked on both a monthly or quarterly basis. All payments are processed either via credit card (through Stripe - the most secure payment platform) or bank transfer (if you require an invoice upfront for your finance & accounting team). Visit our ATLAS website and head over to the SalesOS pricing page for explanations of the 2 plans you can currently choose from (Essentials or Pro) as well as the add-on feature to work with a dedicated Growth Consultant.

Will my ATLAS Growth Consultant provide me with leads & appointments with my target audience?

ATLAS’ Growth Consultants are experts in sales, email marketing & outreach strategies. Their main focus is facilitating a weekly analysis of the effectiveness of your campaigns, summarising those findings and sharing insights as well as custom recommendations with you so you can take action and increase the probability of getting the results you like. At ATLAS ANALYTICS, we believe that companies themselves know best how to pitch their value proposition to prospective clients, how to raise interest and convince them to book a meeting. The key is to communicate the offering in a structured, effective way so that it resonates with their ideal customer, meets a need and makes them want to learn more. So if you are looking for ongoing support and hands-on expert advice with concrete recommendations for improvement, we suggest collaborating with one of our ATLAS Growth Consultants. On a weekly and monthly basis, you will be guided through the analytics and effectiveness of your outreach campaigns, get feedback as well as suggestions of what to change in your copy to increase the probability of getting better results and more engagements with your target audience. The best outreach strategy comes from learning through experience, and our personalised approach will accelerate your growth - making you more successful. *Note:* All this being said, our ATLAS ANALYTICS coaches are extremely intelligent individuals who have each logged thousands of hours of client work, and spoken with hundreds of sales leaders, email marketing experts or growth hackers in over 30 different countries. With this much experience, our Consultants inevitably have a lot of valuable reference points related to effective outreach strategies and resources that they can pull from. Again, our Consults are NOT expected to generate leads or book meetings for you, so do not expect them to do so. However, practically speaking, they may be able to provide valuable tips and pointers on a case-by-case basis, should the opportunity arise.

What types of companies does ATLAS ANALYTICS work with the most?

Each month, hundreds of new clients turn to us to leverage our growth solutions and boost their sales. We work with a plethora of clients and their dedicated sales, marketing & growth teams, mostly in the B2B IT & tech space and oftentimes with explanatory-needed products and long/complex sales cycles. Doesn’t matter whether it is a growing startup that wants to scale & automate its processes, a rising tech scale-up company with the ambition to internationalise, enter new markets or launch a new product or consulting & professional service companies that are looking for a new way of winning new mandates and onboarding new clients.

"ATLAS ANALYTICS has been a great benefit for us at Manres over the last year. The whole team has been extremely helpful & hand-on as we ran a variety of different campaigns. When I recently asked a CEO why he decided to take the time for a meeting with me, he replied: "Because of the engaging way of reaching out with a personalised video message - you were persistent in such a nice and authentic way ". I do not have a better endorsement or argument than this and would highly recommend working with the ATLAS ANALYTICS team."

Dr. Peter Fankhauser
CEO & Managing Partner

As a small start-up in the legal, compliance and risk management business we have great opportunities but little capacity to cover all necessary aspects from building up the company to producing tangible products and selling them to clients. We got to know ATLAS ANALYTICS by word of mouth and when we contacted them, they were able to step in and support us in practically no time for our sales process and reaching out to potential clients. We had to provide a generic set of materials and arguments about our offering, but then it was astonishing to see, how quickly the team at ATLAS understood and got familiar with ‘our world’. The operational co-operation was organised very efficiently and the results were surprisingly good. Based on a pre-prepared list of potential clients and due to a very stringent and consequent work of ATLAS we achieved to get into meetings with a much higher number of prospects than we had expected. This was eventually leading to the onboarding of a good number of concrete new clients.

Rolf Aeberhard

“The ATLAS ANALYTICS Team has been incredibly supportive when it comes to guiding us through their platform and helping us in our sales & marketing activities. I do believe the future will be that we communicate more with video - with our team members, clients and also prospects. The power of video and getting the attention of our target audience has proved to be true and we booked a lot of introductory meetings from our outreach mails. We are very satisfied with the collaboration and can only recommend subscribing to ATLAS."

Mathias W. Ritter
Regional VP Sales - Central Europe